Le Yoga du musicien

Le Yoga du musicienMusican's Yoga

It is now clear that intensive musical practice requires mental and physical preparation of the musician. Yoga has been practiced for 2500 years; the word means union: the union of body and mind allows the player to fully inhabit his body, thanks to two elements:
- Attention to the breath;
- A proprioception refined through the implementation of "postures".
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Engaging a respectful practice of the body, yoga offers artists modular tools, adaptable to everyone, allowing them to meet the requirements for the exercise of their art, from learning and in all circumstances, especially when stage performance.

Moreover, the practice of meditation gives the musician a wellness and psychophysical harmony conducive to creativity.

Gradually, the player experiences a "unified" state said the "state of yoga." Yoga is for the musician a path that leads to a better awareness of itself, its difficulties, its potentialities. This is how subtle changes, almost imperceptible, gradually generate very tangible effects: one posture to the most suitable instrument, a higher quality of attention, a calmer mind.

The author, musician and experienced yogi, this exercises focusing on the benefits that can expect from musicians according to their instrument. Variants, recommendations, graduate programs are offered to the reader, accompanied him in his dressing room with practiced exercises before going on stage!

Carole Carniel-Petit, pianist, piano teacher and body awareness to the Regional Conservatory of Tours radiation. She practices yoga for thirty years.

Medicine Arts Collection. 128 pages, size 22.5 x 17.6
260 color illustrations

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